‘Tis The Season Of Giving

Wow! The Holidays are just around the corner and before you experience the craziness of Black Friday and the headaches of Cyber Monday. Head to your local Orange County BMW Dealership to test drive the Ultimate Driving Machine. Sterling BMW is the premier BMW Dealership located in beautiful Newport Beach, CA. Sterling BMW serves all of OC and it also has a competitive edge over BMW Irvine, BMW of Santa Ana due to it’s customer service and the quality of their service department. So before losing some of your sanity this Holiday Season, get a New or Pre Owned BMW and give yourself the Ultimate Driving Machine. Call and schedule a test drive appointment at BMW of Newport.


Driving the dream!

Growing up I had numerous dream cars from exotic machines to speed demons, but the BMW rally models always stayed as my favorites. Now while driving the ultimate driving machine I have come to realize that I made the perfect choice! Stop dreaming and that make it a reality, head over to Sterling BMW one of the premier Orange County BMW Dealerships! They have an amazing finance department and a state of the art service center to keep your BMW in quality shape. I recommend Sterling BMW over BMW Irvine and BMW Santa Ana, but call to make an appointment to experience top quality service at the Premier BMW Orange County.

Luxury by the Pacific Coast Shore

Few dealerships are located in prime real estate and Sterling BMW located on the famous Pacific Coast Highway is one that can actually brag about it. Sterling BMW is one of the highly regarded and top ranked Orange County Dealerships, they have an amazing sales staff and a top notch service department. Whether you want a BMW Santa Ana or a BMW Irvine they can definitely help you achieve your dream car, most deals close within the hour! And after driving off the dealership head down PCH and get the Ultimate Driving Experience.

PCH and the ultimate driving machine!

After a long day at work why not take a drive down Pacific Coast High Way with your ultimate driving machine and release that stress accumulated during the work week! But if you currently don’t own the ultimate driving machine head down to this BMW Dealership I highly recommend they’re hassle free customer service. Browse around new and pre owned models and don’t hesitate to ask for a test drive on the ultimate driving machine. Sterling BMW is the premier choice to purchase new and pre owned vehicles!

The Luxury OC Life!

When it comes to a high end lifestyle you definitely need the high end automobile, BMW Irvine can definitely help you achieve that desire. With their friendly staff and hassle free environment it has to be one of the best Orange County BMW Dealerships alongside with BMW of Santa Ana. I would strongly recommend them to all my family and friends!

Fashion Island

Everytime I go to Fashion Island in Newport, I always see a ton of luxury vehicles. Scratch that, I mean every where around Irvine–BMW, Lexus, Range Rovers..Seeing the Range Rovers remind me of “This is the OC B*tch, That’s how you do it in Orange County.” I lol thinking about Luke and how he was a douche at the beginning then became a complete loser. Actually I ended up liking him a lot later on. Especially the part when Rooney was a guest musical act and he goes crazy singing “shoo shoo shakin!” I loled for days.