Living Without a Car in Southern California

As a resident of Southern California in Irvine, it is virtually impossible to get around anywhere without a vehicle. I remember going to my first year of college at UCI; no car. Which was fine, I mean anywhere we needed to eat was just at Pippins. But when I got to 2nd year, I saw how hard it was for my busy friend to get around anywhere because his parents wouldn’t get him a car. I was fortunate enough to get a car, when I lived off campus, but I got bombarded by my friend for rides. Annoying? Sometimes. Would I do it? Yes.

I’d walk through the parking lot and scoff at the expensive cars thinking to myself, what spoiled brats whose parents bought their cars for them. Need a BMW, Irvine? They were there. Mercedes, also many Acuras. It is kinda ridiculous, but what can you do?

I am jealous of city dwellers, where public transportation is the norm. Way more cost efficient than buying gas everywhere in the smack dab middle of suburbia where everything is so far apart from each other and where all stores are located in a strip mall.